Lost in London’s Underground

After 12 hours flight from Shanghai international airport. I finally arrived London at 6 p.m. Because of the noise during the flight I didn’t get any sleep during the trip and the only thing I wanted to do at that time is finding the apartment, grab something to eat, and go sleep for the next whole day if I can. I thought the longtime flying is the biggest challenger for my trip but however, the Underground system of London really gave me lots trouble.Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.19.34 PM

Before I come to London, I have traveled to many different cities like New York, Chicago, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Of course, I experienced all transportation system they had so I am confident about finding the way to our apartment. Whatever, I get the 4G service and I didn’t think that will be a problem to find the place. But then I realize one important thing, the subway on London, do not have any signal. And even I find the right station and right direction, there are still plenty of different trains which will send you to the different place.

Finally, with the help of a young lady and launch the train to Paddington station. The experience reminds me an interesting story. Some Chinese first time visits London. They take London’s subway and find most of the people are reading the book on the train, which Chinese usually read the phone or play the mobile game during the trip. So they come back to China and tell everyone England’ s people like reading more than Chinese. But the truth is, they read the book because they can’t use the phone on the train, so a book is better than having nothing to do, right?

In the end, I met Troy at Paddington station, and he led me to the place. That’s the beginning of my UK’s trip, hope I can find more interesting during the one month’s study and Trip.


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