Lunch with a view

Touring London  -Anastasia Niforos

I am currently in London and loving it! Yesterday I was a tourist and took a Hop on Hop Off bus around the city. I was fascinated by everything that I was seeing. There are so file-1 (1).jpegmany historical buildings here that really speak for the city. What really caught my eye was how the old buildings are built within the modern ones. It brings life and authenticity to London and it took me a second to take it all in. While on the tour, I was able to experience something that I don’t think I will ever be able to again.

I ate lunch right to the Tower Bridge. How freaking cool right? After walking around for quite a bit, our group was given some time to eat and rest our feet. I was walking around with Bridget, Emily, Chris, and Ryan when we spotted a pizza place that was relatively cheap. We all ended up splitting three pizzas. While Bridget, Emily and I bought some water and waited for the pizza, Ryan and Chris snagged a table for us. I walked over, sat down and looked to my left.

Instantly I said to the group, “We’re just casually eating lunch next to the Tower Bridge, no big deal.” We eventually received our pizza and all chowed down. Every couple of minutes I would look to my left and stare at the bridge. I think mostly because I was in shock that this was even real. I mean how many college students get to say they ate next to the Tower Bridge for lunch? file

After wrapping up, we decided to get a picture of our group with the Tower Bridge in the background. I’ve got to say, we look good and the bridge looks stunning. I’m still in awe of the fact that this actually happened. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to experience this again, but boy I am glad I was able to experience it in the first place.




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