Odd Travel Pictures Make The Memories More Memorable

Awkward Travel Pictures Make The Memories More Memorable – Trevor Klaus

The standard procedure of traveling to a new place often involves taking photographs to ensure the memories will last as long as they can. I too have followed this formula, as through my travels before this class as well as the first few days of instruction have given me several photographs to potentially cherish years down the line. However, it is not these photographs that will properly capture the essence of the trip’s unknowns.

For me personally, the worse the planning and generally quality of the photo (except resolution), the better. As seen in the featured image, there is nothing inherently wrong with it. However, it leaves so many unanswered questions. Who is the businessman in the front? What was he doing there? Can I get his social security number if he is a United States citizen? He’s got his hand in front of his mouth, so is he really just trying to hide his venom teeth? All questions that can remain unanswered for years on end, and can subsequently help my brain function in my elder years. Any normal portrait style photograph of me or my colleagues does not leave such intrigue.


The classic example of this to me is the classic scenic shot that doesn’t quite get just the scenery. Take for example, the two pictures that feature traditional London architecture, but also feature over the shoulder shots of people’s backs. Sure, the architecture is stunning to say the least. However, it is again the unanswered questions of the photograph that really get the brain juices flowing. Some questions may include: If this is what the back of their head looked like, what does the front look like? Was the bus really that color? Do I remember speaking to any of these people? In the case of the second photo, what was I even taking a picture of in the first place? It is this coercive wonderment that really makes on dive deep into the memory banks of the trip, comparatively to that of the more standard photographs. And you must admit, these odd touristy photos are much better to look at than some of these cringe-worthy travel photos.

This applies literally anywhere one could travel to as well. Took a trip to see Stonehenge and posed with your buddy beforehand? No questions. Snagged a random picture of Stonehenge with an obese man t-posing shirtless while another obese man appears to be playing a ukulele in an out of focus shot for something that appears to be happening 200 feet away? A timeless wonder for your brain to savor.

Photo from: express.co.uk

My trip to the alps a week prior to this beginning shares many of the photo qualities I wished to have to create an endless train of brain amazement. I can only hope this trip can bring the same level of shenanigans in the photograph department.

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