Please Mind the Gap

By: Ryan Gilbert

The Tube. A true piece of London history still being used by thousands of people today. People of all demographics use the simple transportation, and as all walks of life go down into the cold tunnels, they are also surrounded by advertisements, warning signs, and even performers. The advertisements range from broadway productions, to pregnancy pills, and are seen by almost everyone as they stand on the slow moving escalators.

Tube Ad

But not only are the ads prominent in the tube, but also ongoing signs and warnings of oncoming trains, or safety hazards to be aware of. With full size subway trains barreling down the track it is important for the bystanders to be expecting their arrival. With every train platform is a clock counting down the next trains arrival, communicating to its future passengers when to expect it. Another hazard the tube protects against is the distance from the train, to the platform itself. The treacherous gap. Every time the doors of the train open, a recorded voice will remind passengers to “Please mind the gap”. If the recording wasn’t enough, it is also written on the ground before the platform drops off into the rails. This simple but famous saying has inspired television shows to theatre companies, but still it is most recognized by the soft, feminine voice on the tube.

Mind the Gap

The tube has a lot going for it as a form of transportation. It’s cheap, useful, efficient, and it even can inform it’s passengers of events around town with the Advertisements it displays. However the number one reason I think most London citizens take the tube… is to escape the constant rain.


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