slow your pace down in London

I have visited many big cities before, like Shanghai, New York, Tokyo, and Chicago. Once you enter them, there is one thing which is always same: The pressure they give you. You will find the tall buildings block the sunshine, everyone lowers their head and walk quickly, and traffic is busy and noisy. The high-speed lifestyle of the big city will influence your emotion and makes you speed up your pace of life.


However, London will not give you this feeling like most of the biggest cities. It does have the busy traffic and noisy street. But the people there will not give you the sense of stressful. I got up nine this morning and walk to Hyde Park. There are plenty of people enjoy their time there. Someone is riding through the park, and someone was just sitting below the tree and relax.  They love driving the roadster(I am surprised about the number of roadsters in London) makes all the passing can hear the noise of exhaust by people. There is plenty number of the beautiful telephone booth and old churches, and all the streets are decorated with beautiful flowers and potting. Walking through these ancient streets is relaxing, and it is hard to feel the pressure of big city.


London is a place which may let you quickly get bored, but also a place you will not get bored. My word may sound wired but this what London makes me feel. It is my second-time visit London, so when I followed the group to visit the famous sightseeing like Buckingham Palace and The London eye, that’s pretty bored for me, and I nearly get sleep. But I still enjoy the feeling of London’s street. The historic architecture, beautiful road, and kind people(especially these people who play the instrument in the subway) never make me bored. London is not a right place for short sightseeing, but worth you stay for months and slow down your pace.


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