The Rhythm behind Architecture

By: Zifeng (Mark) Liu

Anyone who has been to the UK will be impressed by the classical architecture here. From pubs to schools, from castles to churches, British architecture is a beautiful part of people’s lives and memories because of its unique style and preservation. As Percy Bysshe Shelley, an English romantic poets said: “Architecture, music, and literature are equally important art carriers in English values” IMG_9794

Same thing happend to me. When I was taking the tour on hop-on hop-off bus and travelling through those buildings on my both sides, I could feel the British people’s appreciation about beauty and their hard-working of keeping them. Unlike the Skyscrapers in New York, in the downtown area, I still could feel the sense of Classical art and historical elements from them. In here, you can see the changes of London history with variety of architecture styles.

In the Middle Ages, where the Roman style was prevalent, the strong and solid stone castle witnessed the number of dynasty disputes (the Tower of London); later, the Gothic architecture of the towering spires became the new darling of the British, but unfortunately London was full of disasters. Fires and wars once and again made it impossible for the Gothic buildings to survive at that time. The gorgeous castles are certainly not as strong as Romanesque stone castles; when the Tudor dynasty was reached, religious buildings were restricted and construction was mixed. Gothic style and Renaissance-style Tudor houses became the trend followed by the upstarts. This type of house is symmetrical on both sides and has a triangular steep roof. The exposed dark wood structure and light-colored walls form a kind of contrast; Later in the Georgia era, the architectural trend showed a retro trend; after that is the most common Victoria we hear Architecture, Edwardian architecture, and today’s skyscrapers with glass walls.

Regent St
The heavy rain on Regent St.


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