Traveling a Bit Ahead of Schedule

Traveling a Bit Ahead of Schedule-By Courtney Kellogg

There was a single week in between school ending and my new adventure.

Once I had found out about my acceptance to the Mass Media MSU Program, my siblings urged me to travel outside my study with them due to the fact that I would already be overseas. Weeks of late night calls and constant searches of cheap Airbnbs and hostels, we found an itinerary that was to our liking. With exams right around the corner, I found myself dreaming and wishing I was on the international plane that very night.

That single week I had at home before our trip, flew by. Numerous of errands were being run by my mother and I. Checklists were made in order to ensure I had everything ready for my trip and quick outings with close friends were made with sad goodbyes. It was time to take my tightly packed carry-on and head to Chicago for two weeks of six different countries.

We landed in Munich, Germany with groggy heads and jet lag at its finest. Just my sister and I would be taking the first leg of the week together and it was off to a great start in a beautiful country. Huge gardens, spectacular architecture, and numerous bikes riding past us made us feel like we were in a whole new world. History played an important part as we toured Dachau Concentration Camp which left us with somber hearts and a look into the tragedy that once was.

View of the Dachau Concentration Camp (Courtney Kellogg)

The beautiful country of Austria was our next stop. With a quick stop in our hostel, we set out in the exquisite town of Salzburg touring the Hohensalzburg Castle , taking a bike ride through the streets, and reliving the past of Mozart. We then made our way into Vienna with Schönbrunn Palace taking our breaths away with its never ending gardens and magnificent fountains.

View of the Schönbrunn Palace (Courtney Kellogg) 

Prague, Czech Republic found us at the end of that week giving us amazing views from the Prague Castle. We made sure to stop at the beer garden for a drink and take in the beautiful and sunny city. We went to bed early that night for our early flight into Amsterdam to meet up with my brother for our final week.

Lookout over Prague (Courtney Kellogg) 

Amsterdam truly is the city of bikes. We made sure to act like locals and rented a couple of bikes to take around the famous Vondelpark and sat by the park ponds to take in the wonderful views. The Anne Frank House made a mark on my heart as well as we traveled through what once was the hiding place of this dear family.

Biking our way through Vondelpark (Courtney Kellogg) 

We took a train into the cute town of Brugge, Belgium where waffles were ate and old buildings could be found. We enjoyed how much the town has looked like it’s never been touched by any new construction leaving it with its adorable cobble streets.

Beautiful Monastery in Brugge (Courtney Kellogg) 

Finally we made a quick stop in Edinburgh due to the fact my brother was dying to see it. Arthur’s Seat made a lasting impression on me as we traveled and hiked our way up to one of the most beautiful spots I have every seen. With a short time there, we made our way over to London as we said our goodbyes and I took a bus by myself to the hotel where my next adventure would start with my Michigan State University Study Abroad Program.

Lookout from the top of Arthur’s Seat (Courtney Kellogg) 

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