Traveling Abroad


Traveling across the county is not something everyone gets a chance to do. For the first time in my 23-years of life, I traveled alone. Traveling alone was an experience for me, I had to walk with two giant bags, a purse and a book bag. Talk about over packing! While traveling abroad to London, England, which took 24-hours, with a 9-hour layover in Toronto, Canada I found myself having to carry my bags everywhere I went because I had no-one to stand by and watch them for me.

On my nine-hour layover in Toronto, I slept in the hotel and I had to place my feet on top of my luggage to secure that no-one would take it. I also starved in Toronto airport due to the food being very limited on the International side. Once I board the plane, I felt relived to relax. Upon boarding I was worried about my flight being so long due to me not eating. To my surprise I was served food on the plane! And yes, it was good.

Once I boarded the plane, I anticipated my window seat and having two others next to me. GUESS WHAT? No-one showed up for my aisle, which means I had the entire row, 3 pillows and 3 covers to myself. While flying Air Canada to London, I watch Proud Mary, listened to music and enjoyed my full aisle. The food I was served included chicken and veggies, bread and pop and a chocolate brownie for dessert. Chocolate is my favorite, so I was very pleased.

ac food

Once my flight landed, I actually got through customs very quickly, I found an ATM and retrieved money to convert to pounds. I had to buy a ticket for the Heathrow Connect which took me to the Paddington Station where I met my teacher. THIS WAS THE HARD PART! Try hiking at least two miles, with two bags, on a limited side-walk. I noticed pretty quickly that London residents move fast and always seem to be in a rush. Not fun for me and all my bags. I am sure I tripped a total of 15 times while walking from the Paddington Station to my hotel flat. I had no-one to carry or help with my bags, just me a small framed girl and luggage the size of huge blocks.

On the Heathrow Connect, I was excited to ride through the city and do some site seeing. I noticed graffiti  all along the walls. I imagined it to be art because I did not see a blank wall space my whole time traveling. The connect was a comfortable ride and helped me relaxed.

Once I got in London, I noticed how big of a city it was with traffic that I am not use too. Thank God for the sides on the street to help with crossing. My first alone traveling experience turned out not to be so bad. I know next time to carry less though.



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