Traveling in London (Part Two): We did actually get lost this time

Don’t worry, we found our way– Bridget Bartos

This afternoon, Rohan and I took on a scavenger hunt throughout the city.

The hunt started at our flat, from which we had to take The Tube to various destinations. We were assigned Trafalgar Square, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and The Sherlock Holmes Museum.

We decided to start with the farthest destination, The London Eye. This was pretty easy to navigate, but the tube took ages to arrive. On a funnier note, we did witness a pigeon fly down the inside of the tube which was absolutely hilarious.

After getting off at Enbankment station, we took a walk across a bridge to reach the London Eye.

Now, things got complicated. Somehow, we walked the wrong way and ended up going close to what was supposed to be our third stop, Trafalgar Square. This was about a ten minute walk away, and the square is beautiful yet chaotic.

Rohan and I in front of the square (Bridget Bartos)
The square (Rohan Makhecha)

From here, it was a 20 minute walk to Westminster Abbey. After some (probably too quick) research, we discovered the tube was only a 10 minute ride to the Abbey. Naturally, we chose the tube as a quicker option in hope to win the race. Little did we know, this would be the exact reason we would get dead last.

In order to get to the tube, we had to take an underground walking subway to get to the station. This took much longer than expected, but was really cool to experience. I think having those in America would be extremely beneficial. After making it through the subway, we found the tube station that we needed. We then managed to get confused about what line we needed in the station.

After taking two different lines, we finally ended up at Westminster Abbey. After this adventure, we decided to take in the scenery and take some pictures instead of rushing from one stop to the next.

After taking in the amazing views of Westminster Abbey, we found our way to the next tube station for our final destination. This tube was much more crowded than the others,  but we made it to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Now, we were only a tube ride away from meeting everyone at the oldest pub in London, Yee Old Chesire Cheese. Unfortunately, this was closed because bank holiday. The rest of the group went to another pub across the street. Since we came in last, we did not end up going to the pub, and just went home for dinner.

A group of us decided to try Franco, which is just across the street from our flat. The night ended well, with good food and good memories.

Our first actual class is tomorrow, and we are all excited for our early morning adventure!


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