Traveling to London: We didn’t get lost (yet)!

Traveling to London — by Bridget Bartos

After multiple months of waiting, Study Abroad has finally begun! My flight took off at 6:00 pm from DTW on May 25. Luckily, two people from my trip were on my flight, so we immediately became friends.

After a long 7 hours, we arrived at LHR (London Heathrow) at 6:40 am. We waited to get through customs until 9, and eventually made our way to Paddington Train Station around 11.

My ticket to get to London Paddington (Bridget Bartos)
London Paddington Station (Bridget Bartos)








One we met up with Troy, we took our first venture through the streets of London. Trying to figure out where we were going was difficult. The streets are extremely different, and the sidewalks were not the best for dragging heavy luggage. Even though we didn’t take a single road Troy told us to, we SOMEHOW made it to The Landward, where we are staying for the week.

Our flat, the Landward (Bridget Bartos)

Our first mission after settling in was getting our UK numbers. We researched which deals would be the best bang for our pound, and eventually came across 3 network. The 3 store was about a mile away, so we mapped how to get there before we left, and then went on our way.

The walk to 3 was amazing yet confusing. We passed the Marble Arch and Hyde Park, and an amazing strip of places to shop that reminded me of Chicago or NYC. After about a mile, we realized the people here walk on a different side of the sidewalk than we are used to at home (no wonder we kept running into people).

Our first exploration! (Bridget Bartos)
The Marble Arch (Bridget Bartos)


After getting cell service, our group went back to the flat to relax before our first group meeting. All 14 of us were exhausted but thrilled to be here. We went to a pub for our first drink here, then walked to a restaurant to get some authentic fish and chips (which were delicious).

Our first pub (Bridget Bartos)
Yummy! (Bridget Bartos)


After eating, everyone returned to their flats and made an attempt to stay awake until at least 10 pm so we would not be miserable the next day.

After a full nights (much needed) rest, we all woke up and traveled back to Marble Arch! From here, we got on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour throughout London. Here, we saw many beautiful buildings.

We got off the bus at the Tower of London, and got to see Tower Bridge. It was amazing seeing buildings that I have seen in pictures for years in real life. The feeling of walking across the bridge was indescribable.


We ended the day visiting my dream home, Buckingham Palace. I think I have wanted to see this since I was about 5 years old, so finally seeing it was the best part of the trip so far!

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace (Bridget Bartos)
Buckingham Palace (Bridget Bartos)

I am so excited to see what adventures we have to come!

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