Welcome to London

by Malaika Allen

Traveling from Detroit to London was an interesting experience. This was the first time I ever traveled outside of the country (via plane), so I expected a long and grueling experience. Getting to the airport ended up being harder than getting through the checkpoints, since Michigan likes to do all their construction AT THE SAME TIME!

The plane ride was not too bad though, we got dinner and lunch (The food was actually pretty good and filling). All the snacks and drinks were free too, which was nowhere near what I was expecting. All together the flight was seven hours long, but luckily we had tv’s and games in the seat backs. In those seven hours I watch: Bad Moms, Bad Moms 2, Bob’s Burgers and played like three different and equally frustrating games.

An episode of Bob’s Burger I’ve seen a million times, but never gets old.

Little did I know that when I departed the plane, I was going to end up standing in the boarder line for almost two hours (sigh). I even overheard some people who worked in the airport saying “I have never seen it this bad”, which made me more frustrated after the two mile walk it took to get from my gate to this line. After I got through the boarder and got my passport stamped for the FIRST TIME (YAY!) I got my luggage and exchanged some money.

There was another two mile walk to get on the train to take me to the rendezvous point, at Paddington Station. That part was quick and painless, since I bought the express ticket (Oops). After eating an AMAZING chocolate croissant, my walking buddy and I headed over to the flats we’ll be staying in for the next week.

Random corner heading to the Flats (oh look a double decker!)

We checked in, got our keys, waited thirty-minutes for the manager to show up and just tell us to go on upstairs, and did everything in our power NOT TO GO TO SLEEP! Since sleep is my best friend, that was difficult. So, basically traveling was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be, now headed back into the U.S. is going to be a completely different story.

P.S. The walks weren’t really two miles, but they definitely felt like forever.


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