Chinatown Chinese Restaurant Review

After I left Covent Garden, I ventured off with Ryan and Trevor to find a spot for lunch. We walked and walked, passing by many wonderful possibilities. We were even given a sign from god himself to go and eat at the TGI Fridays, but we decided to ignore the sign and moved onwards The another sign presented itself, but this time with the Shake Shack. The brand started as a hot-dog stand within Madison Square Park but now has over 130 locations globally. A tempting offer to say the least, however it was just not our cup of tea.

Soon though we found ourselves in the middle of Chinatown. The streets were decorated like previous Chinatowns I have seen in the past. The only difference was there were a lot more Brits in this one Although we had decided on Chinese food for lunch, we were still left unsure as to where we should eat. There were many good options surrounding us. Some looked more upscale than others, while some didn’t seem like the best place for tourists. Eventually we decided on this small little restaurant that had the chickens and ducks proudly displayed in the window, reassuring us of our decision. We were seated at a table in the way back corner. Most likely to keep the tourists away from the windows so people wouldn’t leave at the sight of us. Soon our waitress came to take our order. As the cheap person I am I ordered a water for my choice of beverage, definitely not what the restaurant would have liked me to order. She came back and brought me a beer bottle that looked to be clear, but what I didn’t know was that bottle contained the finest  water Chinatown had to offer (don’t quote me on that). The water contained many minerals originating from a pond that was owned by some monarchs. It was unclear who they were and what they ruled, but the bottle did tell me that the Queen did stab the King’s mistress to death. Although I was appalled by this fact, the water reminded me of a water from Southern France, filled with purity and health.

When it came time to order the entree I was all set. I ordered one of my favorite foods, the fried rice. When the food came out though it was not what I had anticipated. The rice was still relatively white, and had no sign of ever being thrown into a wok (integral part of what is the fried rice). But after tasting the rice I can say color made no difference in the quality. Overall I would give my experience a 3 out of 5 stars. One because I had to buy my water, and two, I had to use chopsticks the entire meal.

In addition, there were no fortune cookies.

I believe this is the portrait that was mentioned in Netflix’s The Crown
I am not saying that going with Paul was a bad decision, but John would have been more appropriate in this writer’s opinion.


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