Color of London


When I first time visited London, I talked with my friend about London is not a right place for the photographer. Since it is raining all day, so the light is always cold and dark, which is hard to catch photos in lively color. It‘s monotonous and still let me sleep. Full of raining and cloudy, this is the weather of London look like and people can’ t change the climate of their homeland. However, they can still add different colors to their faint city.


When you walk alongside the street, you will find London has the most beautiful small garden and flowers design in the world. Covent Garden has the best flower box in London. I have been to many cities before, and most of them have flowers boxes alongside the street,  but I have never seen a city have such large amount of varieties flowers design like London. These flowers put on different things like the box, handcar, and even bike. These elements give a vivid feeling to London’s gloomy environment.


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Because of the heavy rain, I sit in a cafe called The theater Cafe in Soho area(solo is also famous for bars and clubs) for 2 hours. They provide really good lemon tea, and also great songs. Unlike many bars and cafe, the service will sing the songs for customers and sometimes they will invite customers sings together, the whole cafe is immersing in happiness and lively emotion and it seems all the people ignore the bad weather outside and enjoy their life.

The weather of London might be terrible and the environment of London might be gloomy, but the people live there can also find some way to make this city more interesting and lively, that’s the color of London, a little bit simple, but also colorful.




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