Cultural Diversity in London

By: Zifeng (Mark) Liu

London is one of the biggest city in world, and for the international cities, cultural communication and conflicts are necessary and inevitable. But unlike other international cities like New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other places where the local culture is the mainstream culture, London seems have more space and accepting spirit about foreign culture and people. As matter of fact, in London, people speak more than 300 languages, and according to the 2011 census shows that 36.7% of the population in Greater London was born outside the United Kingdom. All the evidences are showing that London has the most cultural diversity in the world.

French Bake store in London

In this morning, We are honored to invited Mr. Dan Wheatley to have a lecture for us as guest speaker. In his lecture, I know the more information about the Royal wedding which was just happened last week. In fact, Meghan Markle, the bride of the royal wedding, has been divorced with other man before. Moreover, she is older than Prince Henry, and she is an American. None of the conditions above could let her merry Prince Henry according to the traditional royal rule. However, the new couple still got the permission from the royal family and revived  blessing from Her Majesty. I think that is a symbol of cultural tolerant and that is the reason of London’s cultural diversity.


While walking on the street, I could also noticed the cultural diversity. The grocery store holed by Muslim immigrants with Arabic on it; the Chinese restaurant located in the central of Chinatown in London; and the Japanese food court under the London eye. By touring around in London, I have the feel that I could get connected with the entire world. The culture from all over around the world could find a place in London, takes roots and change people’s daily life quietly. Like Mr. Wheatley said, London is the capital of the world.

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