Free Comedy!


Top Secret Comedy Club- By: Tiara Terry

A goal that I set for myself while traveling abroad was to try new things and to completely emerge myself into the diverse culture of London.

Today, we spent a lot of time in Covent Gardens. It is a beautiful outdoor shopping centre that consists of a variety of shops and restaurants. After eating at Shake Shack in the Gardens, we decided to go sightseeing within the area.

Our adventure around the London streets landed us in a quite hysterical place called the Top Secret Comedy Club.

Our initial intent was to take photos of the venue and to continue on with sightseeing, but in the midst of taking photos, I noticed people standing in line to get into the comedy club.

At that moment, I knew that I had to experience the London humor, but only if the price was right. It turns out that students get in for free and the general public only pays a pound to get in. I was so excited!

On the other hand, Chris, Ciara and Malaika were skeptical of entering. They feared that the humor would not translate well due to their accents.

Comedy host
Top Secret Comedy Host- By: Tiara Terry

It turns out that British humor is just as good as any other form of humor. We really enjoyed the show. It was good to see that there were other Americans in the crowd. When the comedians became aware of our presence, they began to make many jokes about Americans. The jokes were actually quite funny and factual.

One comedian said, “Americans are really happy.” Which is very true. He explained that in London, people are in their own world and that the most you may get out of another Brit is half a smile. He mentioned that they show their true emotions wether they’re happy or sad. This is quite true. Within my visit thus far, I have realized that a lot of Brits seem to be stressed and maybe even depressed. They are not very social or interactive with people around them.

Through the comedy show, I was able to understand the London lifestyle a bit better.


What I really liked the young and energetic crowd and appreciated the fact that they had an open bar, even though we did not opt for drinks. It was just a very youthful and chill vibe.

I really enjoyed doing a non-traditional activity. I want to experience all aspects of London before I leave and I think I am off to a great start!

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