London Shopping and Dinner with the “fam”

To set the scene it was a classic London day, cloudy and rainy; a complete aesthetic. We spent part of the day in Covent Garden seeing the street performers. Both Rohan and I witnessed a comedic magic act and an opera singer inside (she was absolutely fantastic, her voice drew me in from the street). Though the area is more tourist centered it kept a lot of the London charm with street performers and the lively historic scene.  Nonetheless, the shops were great and even though we walked through the rain for blocks until I was soaked to the bone, it was a great experience.

Later some of us went out shopping, stopping through Top Shop (although buying nothing because that is expensive), and swinging through Primark. Primark is a wonderful store. It honestly tops anything I’ve seen in the states (yes, including H&M). It’s cheap and the clothes are stylish. I was able to pick up a large addition to my traveling wardrobe, I’m glad I left room in my suitcase! The London style shares a handful of similarities with the US, but what I’ve noticed is that everyone tends to dress up a little more and that is reflected in their shopping. You won’t find the traditional American lounge clothes anywhere, even their sweatpants/joggers are dressy enough to wear out for a day and look fly.

On our way home from the London shopping spree, we swung through Nandos to pick up some chicken for a “fam” dinner. In Flat 25 of the [redacted] flats building a portion of the trips group gathered for dinner. As head of the table, I carved the chicken and served.  It has been great to meet new friends on this trip and a group dinner was a good way to get together and get to know each other better.


London Shopping and Dinner with the “fam” By: Jacob McDowell

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