Museums, Museums, Museums!

by Malaika Allen

London is filled with tons of history! There are historical sites and monuments around every corner, so it is only right that they would house quite a few museums. The good thing is that three of them are right next to each other, so visiting one meant visiting all. The four that interested me the most were:

My travel buddies and I would have gone to all of these, but it started pouring while we were heading into our first stop. So, we only went to the National History Museum and the Victoria and Albert (V & A) Museum.

The National History Museum reminded me a lot of the Detroit museums, because they had similar exhibits. For example, birds from all over and dinosaurs are some things I could see at home. On the other hand they had a lot of statues of voyagers and different scholars from the surrounding area, with the their accomplishments. There were sections that included some of the items brought back during early exploring across the seas.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, was my favorite. I like looking at different art and seeing the creativity of different people. The museum had a lot of different pieces based on regions and time periods. A few of the sections included: The Church, Buddhism, Iron Work and Fashion from Nature. It was very interesting to see the evolution of some of the art and styles over the years.

These museums were breath taking and I am so glad I got the chance to experience them first hand.

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