No Rain Delays Here: Covent Park Exploration

Rain? No problem — by: Bridget Bartos

Our rainy day began with class in the Accent International building. Accent is the company that helps us travel here. Here we listened to our speaker of the day, Dan Wheatley. He spoke about Brexit and multicultural Britain. He was a very good speaker and kept us all engaged and interested the whole time. I enjoyed learning more about the London culture and ways of life.

His speech made me realize how little I know about the world. I feel like I live my life in such a small bubble of East Lansing, Rochester, and the US. It really hit me how much more is going on in the world than my own small problems.

After class, we all walked with Troy to Covent Gardens. To our surprise, these were not gardens at all. However, the streets were beautiful;  full of shopping, museums, theaters, and street performers.

Some violinists playing for the crowd while they shop and eat (Bridget Bartos)

Our first stop was Aubaine, a coffee shop/bakery/café inside the gardens. Here, I decided to get coffee and a croissant to hold me over until dinner time. This was an amazing decisions. For only six pounds, I got a delicious meal.

One thing that’s different here the at home is the difference in price between eating in and taking out. You save about a pound per item if you decide to take your meal to go. This is to conserve space when there is limited seating.

We needed a place to sit, so we headed outside to some benches to eat lunch.

Next, Emily, Courtney, Anastasia and I headed out to explore. We ended up meeting up with Rohan and Jacob along the way.

We somehow found our way to one of our many bucket list destinations, China Town. It was interesting to see the magnitude of stores and restaurants this area held.

China Town (Bridget Bartos)
So cool (and expensive) (Bridget Bartos)

We stopped at the cutest doughnut shop. I didn’t end up getting one, but Emily and Courtney did and they said they were amazing!

After this, we headed home because the rain was getting crazy. I did, however, make a video of our adventure. Looking forward to the rest of the day!


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