Rainy Day Doughnuts

By: Emily Lovasz

Tuesday was the first rainy day we had in London. We have actually been pretty lucky with the weather so far, sun and 80 degrees, but today it poured. Despite the rain, after our morning class we had a chance to walk around Covent Garden. This outdoor shopping center had endless shops, places to eat and street performers.

The cobblestone streets surrounding the garden were full of people walking around with their umbrellas and rain coats zipped up, dodging to any covered spot they could find to avoid the rain. When first walking into the garden, you go through an archway, which gives way to an open area lined with little bakeries and shops. A street performer with nothing on but Union Jack shorts dazzled a crowd in front of him. Kids and adults watched and clapped along with him as he engaged them in the performance. Through the next archway and into the next open area of the market, a string band filled the patio of people enjoying tea with upbeat music.

After listening to the band, Bridget Courtney and Anastasia went to a small bakery where I had a buttery croissant with egg and cheese for lunch. We walked and sat on a bench near where yet another street performer, this time a magician, was entertaining the crowd that had formed in front of him.

After walking through the rest of the tourist shops of the garden, our group made our way through the surrounding streets and stumbled upon Chinatown, which started with an extravagant walkway and gate and led into cobblestone streets with bright colored buildings and flags hanging above.

Once we were tired of the rain, we decided to head back to the Tube station, but on the way, Courtney and I couldn’t help but stop at a Doughnut Time where each doughnut was cleverly named such as Cornelius Fudge, BellaTwix Lastrange and Notorious P.I.G.

Even though we didn’t manage to stay completely dry, the day was filled with good food, shopping and entertainment in a new part of London.

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