Scavenger Adventure

by Malaika Allen

Our first real on our own activity consisted of a scavenger hunt. We all randomly chose numbers, that each represented a different location somewhere in London. We formed small groups and headed on our way. My group was tasked with finding:

We got a little side track and started site seeing in Hyde Park (where the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is located). So, at that point we sort of gave up on the competition and just took in all the beauty the park had to offer. There were statues, open fields, people paddle boating, and families beating the heat everywhere.

Eventually we had arrived it to the end of the park and realized we spent about an hour and a half just enjoying the views (it was definitely worth it). By that time we knew there was no way we were going to win, but we still did not want to go all the way to Buckingham Palace again (ugh). So, we switched it up to see something new and decided to go to Harrod’s (which was much closer).

Overall, we learned how to navigate around London via the underground and bus system. It was nowhere near as confusing as I thought it would be and we managed to see a lot of the city along the way. Their public transportation is also very reliable and easy to understand, there’s always another train or bus coming within a few minutes, which means you won’t have to run or rush to get onto a specific one. I like that we were able to see the city and take the public transportation, since it is what people do around here all the time.

The amount of walking and public transportation here is amazing, especially coming from Detroit, where buses may not come at all.

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