The Street Performer in Covent Garden Market

The Street Performer in Covent Garden Market -Anastasia Niforos

Today after class I was able to explore the magnificent Covent Garden Market. This place is home to a variety of small booths and vendors where people are selling anything from tourist sweatshirts to handmade jewelry. There are also numerous cafes and quick bites to eat while shopping. As I was aimlessly walking around I saw a large crowd ahead of me circled around a man that was shouting. I had to see what this was all about and I quickly found a spot towards the front.

It was a street performer, but nothing like I had ever seen before. As soon as I looked at the man I instantly laughed. He was wearing underwear and socks with the British flag and he had stickers across his nipples. His hair was purple and spiked up and the sides were shaved. I was thrown off by his outfit choice because I have never seen a street performer in the U.S. dress remotely anywhere close to that. I loved it though. It attracted a crowd and showed off his personality a bit.

Throughout the performance, he was very engaging with the crowd and was absolutely hilarious. He was cracking jokes the entire time and as I looked around at the many faces around me I could see they were enjoying this as much as I was. Before his performance, he stood up on a box and had everyone raise their hand and repeat after him.

He said, “I promise to never try this at home.” We repeated after him.

He then said, “I promise to put money in the black box after the performance.” Everyone instantly laughed and we all repeated after him.

I love his lighthearted commentary throughout his performance and the way he communicated with the crowd. He was downright honest but added some humor to keep that easy going energy.


For his actual performance, he laid between two beds of sharp nails and a volunteer in the crowd stood on him for ten seconds. As I watched him I was extremely impressed but I also cringed because it looked like it hurt. He successfully laid on the bed of nails for ten seconds and as he stood up the crowd cheered loudly. Children ran over and threw money into the little black box. As I walked away I had a smile on my face and said to myself.



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