Another Day for the (History) Books

This morning started off with a tube ride to class again. After leaving 10 minutes behind schedule, we decided to extreme speed walk to the Tube. We BOOKED it through Marble Arch station, and all ran onto the train. Somehow most of our group made it.


When we arrived Jessica Hannheisser, who is a freelance composer who makes music for a ton of movies, TV shows, and commercials came in and talked about her work. It opened my eyes to the importance of music and movies and how much emotion it can add.

The class decided to stick together for the day instead of going out and doing our own thing. We started our adventure at the British Museum. This was an amazing experience, and I got to see so many incredible things. I think that museums are some of the coolest places on this planet. They hold so much history in one area, and even the structure of them is beautiful.  Our friends trying to make our way through it all kind of reminded me of “Night at the Museum”. I think the coolest things I got to see were the Parthenon, The Rosetta Stone, and the Egyptian Section (The amount of mummy’s in this place is insane). Instead of trying to describe all of these beautiful things, I’ll put in an album instead.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After our Museum adventure, we were all extremely hungry. Some people went for pizza, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. We decided on an amazing Mexican Restaurant, Wahaca. I got an amazing salad that even came in an edible bowl. I was also nominated to count the money for the check since they don’t split the bill here, and I did it correctly (YAY math skills!).

The Menu (Bridget Bartos)
The water came in old Tequila Bottles (Bridget Bartos)
The decor (Bridget Bartos)
The restaurant (Bridget Bartos)


Next, we headed to the famous Abbey Road!! Even though I’m not a die-hard Beatles fan, I was pretty excited to see this.


Looking forward to a busy tomorrow and family dinner tonight.

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