Exploring world history and music history

We visited another museum today–the British Museum. There are still more museums that I haven’t gotten the chance to see yet. They all sound interesting, and they all seem to have free admission.

We were only at the British Museum for an hour and a half, but I tried to see everything I could. If I really spent time focusing on every single exhibit, I could have spent days at the British Museum. I wish I could have, and for that reason, I hope to return to the museum someday. But, for now, I will happily remember the hour and a half I spent skimming through as much of the museum as I could. Dasheng and I spent some time viewing the Museum’s extensive collection of Ancient Greek artifacts, including parts of the famous Parthenon temple in ancient Athens. Interestingly, a pamphlet on display told us that the Greek government and the British Museum are currently debating over which one will get to keep this exhibit. For now, it is in the British Museum, allowing us to see this breathtaking display of ancient art.

I was really struck by a piece of Parthenon art depicting a man fighting with a centaur. The centaur has kicked the man down to the point where he is almost on the ground, but he has one final opportunity in the form of a stone he is holding in his right hand. This struck me as a perfectly depicted instance of an underdog holding on against a favored opponent.


We also got to see Abbey Road studios today, where the Beatles famously recorded for several albums, including the final album they ever recorded together, titled “Abbey Road”, the cover of which featured them walking across the same famous crosswalk that we got to walk across.

I like the Beatles’ music, and I appreciate their influence as one of the most important artists in the history of pop and rock music, but I do not have a deep personal connection with their music like I do with a lot of other music. I was interested to learn that not only did the Beatles record at Abbey Road, some of my favorite artists did, too, including Radiohead, Frank Ocean, and Amy Winehouse.

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