My Mexican Market Eating Experience

My Mexican Market Eating Experience -Anastasia Niforos

I ate at the cutest Mexican restaurant today and let me just say, it was an experience. I was in the mood for something different and as I walked around the London streets after class I spotted Wahaca. I quickly walked over to the menu displayed outside and turned to my group and said, “We should eat here, the food is cheap.”

They agreed and we flagged down a hostess to see if we could get a table. As he walked us towards it, I looked around at the restaurant. The room was filled with peculiar plants, colorful paintings, and chatter. I knew I picked the right place.

The table was already set with silverware, plates and paper menus. As I read the menu I noticed the way it was organized. Everything was separated by individual lines and boxes, leaving just the right amount of white space in order for the font and color to stand out. I thought the font choice was unique and the color was fitting to the aesthetic of the restaurant. It gave off that fun and tropical feel as if I was eating lunch on the beach in Mexico. I also really enjoyed the small pictures they included on the menu. It gave it some spunk. The waiter came around to take our drink orders and also handed us each a small pink sticky note that listed the specials for the day. This was another thing that I liked. Sticky notes were easy and convenient. It allowed for the customer to each have their own note, instead of having to pass around a “Specials,” menu. I also loved the color because it when with the whole theme of the restaurant.

I ended up ordering water and chicken tacos, with a side of rice and beans. The waiter brought us all glasses and three Altos tequila bottles filled with water. I thought this was extremely exquisite. I had never been to a restaurant that served water out of an alcoholic bottle. It was like icing on the cake especially because it went with the whole aesthetic feel of the place. Eventually, the food came out and everyone at the table smiled. I was given three small tacos that I devoured in about two minutes. I ate the rice and beans in about one.

This was short-lived, but like nothing, I had experienced before. I felt like I was eating at a restaurant on the beach on a sunny day in Mexico. When in fact, I was at a small Mexican restaurant in London.

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