People Watching in The British Museum

Today we ventured to the British Museum. Where I was overwhelmed with more than beautiful art and artifacts.

One thing that stood out to me the most was the vast amount of people and their diversity. All around the museum, I ran into people of different heritages who spoke in different languages.

From the lecture, we heard a couple days ago I knew that London currently holds the title of the most diverse city in the world, but in the museum, as I heard everything from Spanish to Arabic to Chinese around me, I truly understood that fact. All of the museum visitors were all in their own worlds and had their own reactions to the beautiful art.

The reason they stuck out to me was the emotions that they portrayed on their faces without even knowing it. It was both eye-opening and refreshing to see this melting pot of people in awe of the artifacts. It made them just as interesting to watch as the art for me. Throughout my time in the museum, I did my best to capture these moments of interest in the form of photographs.

For my first image, I noticed a family that was admiring some pieces and were trying to gain an understanding of them. mus 1Their collective focus and especially the children’s emotions are what caught my attention.

Next, I have a photograph of two young women admiring a case of clocks.

mus 2

They were reading to learn about the pieces and I found their expressions interesting.

I wondered upon this man who was sitting on his phone in the middle of the museum.

mus 3.jpg

What immediately caught my attention was how technology still consumes our attention even when we are among such amazing things.

The last image is of a woman climbing a staircase in the museum.

mus 4.jpg

What’s interesting about this is how it shows the scale of the museum and the items in it. Between the artifacts and the people, I could have spent days in this museum and it will go on as a memorable experience from my trip.

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