Something good and something bad for today.

The class in the morning is pretty high. We talked about the background music of the film with a British composer, Jessica Dannheisser. It is true that background music will change the feeling of film and lead the emotion of the audience. Different background music will even make the same clip having the different meaning. We also learn the backstory of making the background music.

About the music, London is a great city with great music. We visit the abbey road studios, which is famous for making the album of Beatles—Abbey Road. One of my favorite film, Brave Heat, also made its music there. Not only on studio and concert, but you can also enjoy music everywhere. The street, the subway, the bar, there are always many good musicals there playing their instrument. Some of them may play for the living, and some may play for fun. Whatever, they provide us some joviality when we pass through the dark underground hallway.

We also visit the Britsh museum today; this place is worth one independent blog to talk about so I will leave it to future until I attend all the exhibitions there.

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There are also some bad things. My favorite Japanese singer will hold a live concert in Shanghai, and the ticket began to sold from 1 p.m today. I failed to get the A class ticket because of the terrible wireless of London. I hold the phone and running through the street to find a place with good wireless service, and that’s why I forget the meeting time and late for that. In the end, I get D class, way worse than I want. Well, the lousy seat is still better than nothing, I am still keeping persuade myself by telling this in my mind.

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