The Most Famous Recording Studio In the World

The Most Famous Recording Studio In the World-By Courtney Kellogg

Once again, it was time for another adventure after a short class period this Wednesday morning.

We hit the British Museum and found numerous of Greek statues, world clocks, and small figurines of the past. A full hour and a half did not even help us cover the whole museum. We made sure to come back to discover more of what the British Museum had to offer. tHE2Wg1wRmekTyHIwJ2vcw.jpg

Statue in British Museum (Courtney Kellogg)

After getting a quick bite to eat, we found our way to the train station heading towards Abbey Recording Studios.

(Courtney Kellogg)

I personally could not contain my excitement due to how much an impact The Beatles have played in music’s history and future. Walking up to the famous Abbey Road walking lane, many tourists could be found taking pictures mimicking the famous “Abbey Road” album cover. We of course did the same and tried to capture the same moment many times while trying to not get hit by moving cars and buses passing through.

Crossing Abbey Road 

By the gates of the Abbey Road Studios, white pillars were covered in visitors’ signatures and loving messages to The Beatles. We all took turns writing our own name down to add to the collection.

White Pillar by Studio (Courtney Kellogg) 

The front of the studio was very plain but almost breathtaking as its’ name hung above the doors. I kept thinking about the artists that have walked through those exact doors to make and produce music. Icons and many more to come will walk through there and I hope to do just the same!

Front of Abbey Road Studios (Courtney Kellogg)


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