Buildings as Communication

As I entered the halls of Parliament I saw stone columns, statues of kings and queens, red leather benches, and gold plated thrones. Every painting was kept almost pristine and the small details of every room perfect to the t. The way these buildings are maintained and treasured communicates a lot to those experiencing their beauty. It shows respect for the values these buildings represent, it shows the celebration of the history inside of them, and it shows the hope the citizens of this country have for the future, through the use of these buildings.


As I travel farther away from Parliament I still see the Victorian Tower beaming over the London skyline. Almost as if Victoria herself was saying, “I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.” The old architecture among the new, portraying the country’s experience in the midst of its innovation and energy. Old with the new, an idea present in every corner of this city, which the buildings communicate so effectively.

Parliment Exterior

Besides communicating history, grandeur, and traditions of the past. The buildings in this city also communicate this city’s vision for the future. The Shard is a striking addition to the London skyline. The modern architecture and shimmering glass displays a feeling of youth and energy in the city that might be missed if only the historic buildings were here.


Buildings in this city, whether they’re hundreds of years old, or still under construction, have the power to communicate so many things to the people who see them. They show pride, history, hope, and vision. Which is fitting for London, because anyone who visits will find all of the above here.

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