Courtney’s Shenanigans



Girls just want to have fun right??? Well, Courtney wanted to be a risk taker instead! She found this really cool place where we could climb over a building, 52 metes high and you could see up to 15 miles of a stretch from the top. The ICONIC O2 Building, that is! At the O2 building; London’s number one venue for concerts, you can climb over the top of the building for only 30 pounds! Can’t beat that. At first, I was a little hesitate in my head but, after Courtney showed me videos, I was excited, anxious and ready to climb. I knew I could not let Courtney down because she was so excited for this and I wanted to be a part of the experience! Y.O.L.O.

the climbWe got to the climb with two minutes to spare because we were running behind and I saw the worry all over Courtney’s face BUT WE MADE IT! Once we got there, they provided us with shoes and suits and next thing I knew, I was on top of the building.


It was something I have never did before or even thought of. Thanks to Courtney’s shenanigans, I add an experience to my life and I can tell everyone at home about my daring experience. “She Climbed, She Conquered”

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