I Climbed and I Conquered

I Climbed and I Conquered- By Courtney Kellogg

The second largest arena in the United Kingdom is The O2 Arena located in lively and upbeat North Greenwich area. I have heard about this arena due to the fact that some of my favorite artists and most famous musicians have played there. Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Prince are just a couple of people who have played in this exciting arena and there are many more to come. I personally would love to see a concert in the venue, but unfortunately no artists that I enjoyed were playing the weeks we would be in London.

View of The O2 Arena (Courtney Kellogg)

I had planned on traveling to the area of The O2 just to see the outside and experience the night life that was around that area. I fortunately came across a poster in one of the tube stations coming home from class. It was advertising a climb that one could take over The O2. I immediately went on my phone to look up the next available times of the climb and signed up the next day to do it.

A couple of my roommates and I signed up together and took the tube to get there. When we walked in, we were given shoes, a vest, and a harness for our climb. After going over the safety precautions, we made our way to the area to climb. We were attached to the rope and made our way up to the top.

Our trusty harness for our climb 

At the top, there was a landing base where we were able to take photos of the beautiful view that we had of London! The climb was so worth the money and was such a unique experience. As the sun started to go down and the air turned colder, we decided to make our way down. Once we got to the bottom, we ate a classic Nando’s chicken meal and headed back to our hotel with a feeling of achievement!

A couple of my roommates and I at the top! (Courtney Kellogg) 

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