Oh, the places you’ll go!

London has so much to see! You cannot get bored in this huge city. I made a bucket list before I got here and as the days go by, my list gets smaller and grows larger as well. On Monday, while walking down the street, my classmate Tiara noticed a Comedy Club and a number of people filling it fast, well we joined the line! For the first time ever, I witnessed stand up comedy. I found it funny that a lot of the jokes were about Americans. I felt more connected with London’s culture by going to the Comedy Show. I felt a part.

On Tuesday, I visited the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. On my trip to the Natural History Museum, I’m sure I could have gotten lost in the building. I learned so much and took so much in. I visited the Dinosaur Exhibit where I saw real live Dinosaur bones, teeth and fossils. The Human Bio exhibit was my favorite, I learn so much about the body and how a baby was made, surprisingly! It was so much history and so much to learn and see at the Natural History Museum.



Once, I walked over to the Victoria and Albert Museum, every room had a new adventure for a person to see. From fashion, to statues, to artifacts from over 100 years ago. Here, it was more hands on. I tried on head pieces, steel armor, was able to learn how to weave and braid and learn so much.


This museum was like a history timeline that came to life. Clothing and materials depicted real pieces from before time.


I had so much fun learning, exploring and experiencing things that I wouldn’t be able to if I were home. Museums are so beneficial.


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