See you again, London

The first part of our entire program is about end in London, yet I felt it was like yesterday’s happening when I arrived in London Heathrow Airport. In this week, we spent most of time to discover the art, the history, and the people in London, but we only could see its tip of the iceberg.

However, this “tip” was quite valuable. I’ve already saw the exquisite architectures on the street, the traces of history in the museum, and the combination of classical and modern. And today, we were allowed to visit Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament.

The Palace of Westminster is the place with hundred years’ history. Although it was burned in 1834, it still witnessed the rise and fall of the British Empire. Today, it is both a representative building of a British government agency and a famous London tourist attraction to show the history for past centuries of Britain. When we steped in the House of Lord and House of Commons, I could feel the history passed and go. They are the place where the people in British government discuss and decide the future of the British Empire. I could image the appearance that people are sitting in the house, arguing and debating for their subject.


At the end of the visiting, when I walking out from the palace, the beauty of this entire construction attracted me again. The Gothic design and the Sculpture on roof and wall are showing the British culture and its history. It is nearly the end of our first part in London but I still have so many places wish to go. Luckily we still have 10 days at the end of the program, and I believe the journey of discovering London never ends.

The View at exit of Palace of Westminster

By the way, the Big Ben is under the maintenance, the entire maintenance will be 4 years long, and during this time I could neither see the outlook of the Big Ben nor hear the bell sound of it. I guess I could only enjoy its grand appearance from video game.

The Big Ben in game: Assassin Creed Syndicate

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