Started from the Bottom!


by Malaika Allen

Today was one for the books! We went on a couple different adventures. My favorite adventure of today had to be Up at The O2 .

This was a once and a lifetime experience, where participants literally walk to the top of the 52-meter dome. Of course we had to sign the waivers and watch a short safety video, but it was definitely worth it! We were given a vest, which could hold our phones and a compact camera if we brought on with us. We were also given special shoes and a harness to keep us from falling off or slipping on the platform.

The climb exhilarating! You climb up a trampoline like walkway (don’t jump on it though, because then the path would be unstable and that would not be good). Once you reach the top you can see a ton of different landmarks throughout London. There is even a railing around the top, which tells you what each of the landmarks is. So, you know exactly what you’re looking for there is also an outline of the building in case it is hard to tell which is which.

I definitely suggest that everyone try this at least once in their lives, because it is such an amazing experience. All of the top names from Beyoncé to NBA players have performed at this location. Being on top of where they all performed legendary shows is such a cool thing to be able to brag about.

The dome also has some significant architecture. There are twelve pillars, which each represent one month of the year. The fifth-two meter height represents each week of the year. There was a lot of thought put into its construction and the inside is just as amazing as the outside.

We were able to see majority of London (old and new) from a breath taking view.

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