The British Museum and Abbey Road


tree of light

The British Museum was literally the best museum I have ever been to! I felt like I was in a time travel machine and I was able to visit every country or continent in the world. Every room that you stepped in had something new to see and learn. There were so much history and so many different collections of items, real genuine pieces of history to explore. I was most intrigued with Africa and Egypt Exhibits. In Africa, I saw the Tree of Life, different tribes of cloth, hand-made pottery, swords and so much more. It’s obvious I was captured to learn about African history.

mummyTo top off that, Egypt had real life mummies for people to see and explore. Actual Skeltons of Egyptians. Cleopatra Mummy was even on display. I was more interested in the 18-year-old boy who Skelton was exhumed with sand because he had been there for so long. They believed he was between 18-21 years-old and had died from a stab wound that could have penetrated his lungs.

18 boy.jpg

Finally,  after a long day of exploring, we visited Abbey Road Studios, where the infamous Beetles took there album cover photo and recorded many of their albums. I was so impressed with how popular the road was, because it’s honestly just a rode, lol. I signed the wall that gated the studios where they recorded and got to remake their album photo with my classmates. I was just a part of the hype!


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