The Imperial War Museum


The British Imperial Museum has to be on of the top three museums of all London. The amount of artifacts they have and information is astonishing. They have everything from sections of the Berlin Wall, fake Honda cycles used by the Taliban, to uniforms from the first world war. This museum needs to be on everyone’s go to list. It is also a great reminder of how much has been sacrificed to maintain world peace.

The first major exhibit is all about the first world war. The exhibit is a winding path that takes you from the start to the end of the great war. Along it are interactive maps, as well as artifacts. What made this exhibit so great was the amount of information that was presented. Prior to going I had a basic understanding of what events happened during this time period. After my experience there I have a better understanding of what happened and how it affected the people Britain. It is hard to imagine that basically an entire generation of men were sent out to fight, and although many returned there were plenty that would not see the United Kingdom again.

The last exhibit I visited and by far the most emotion provoking was the Holocaust section. It is a subject many people would like to forget, but it is ever so important that we recognize what happened to the millions that were killed. In this exhibit they showed dozens and dozens of photos of those who were sent to the camps. Each one had a lifetime ahead of them, all taken away so quickly and violently. They also touched on the signs that this was coming. How France and Britain sort of permitted the Germans to invade neighboring territory.  The most difficult part of the entire was reading about all the methods that were used to kill the Jewish people. How they would be locked into a building where the exhaust of VW Beetle would be vented in. There was even a wall talking about how it was a competition among the military personnel as to who could create the best killing system.

Even though there were some difficult things to read and look at, the museum was a wonderful way to learn about Britain’s role in the world.

I would have like to have taken a photo of the Auschwitz model showing most of the camp, however I felt it was inappropriate to do so.

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