Views from O2!

O2 arena
O2 Arena- By: Tiara Terry

Today I decided to be a daredevil and get my adrenaline flowing! For those who may not know, the O2 arena offers a roof walk.

The walk is roughly $40. The fee includes all of the safety equipment as well as climbing shoes.

O2 Roof Walk- By: Tiara Terry

What made the climb fun and challenging is the fact that the walk is on a steep incline. It was definitely a workout and I probably should have stretched before heading up.

O2 group pic
Top of the O2 Arena- By: Tiara Terry

The most rewarding part of the climb was making it to the top. At the top, we got to see a 360 view of London. My favorite part was being able to take group photos with Courtney, Ciara and Malaika, as well as taking fire selfies. The view was beautiful and actually different from what we have been seeing in London the past few days.

We even had the opportunity to see Greenwhich from the rooftop. Just a few miles away was the Royal Observatory which is also on my to do list in London.

Unfortunately, after the climb, it was getting dark and we were quite hungry so, we decided to walk around the town to find food.

To get out, we had to walk through the O2 arena. Shockingly, this was an experience within itself. This arena is amazing, it serves not only as an arena, but also as a movie theatre, bowling alley and a venue for over a dozen restaurants inlcuding, Friday’s, Five Guys, Nando’s and many more.

Nandos food
Nandos- By: Tiara Terry

One of the restaurants that I had to try while being in London was Nandos. It all worked out perfectly, I was finally able to try their famous chicken. I must say, I was NOT disappointed. The restaurant, decor and menu were beautifully decorated and was just had a vibrant atmosphere. The food was delicious! The chicken was flavored to perfection. It didn’t need any dipping sauce, which is always great, it allows you to fully enjoy the taste of the chicken. I would definitely recommend it to tourists. It is delicious, cheap and worth the trip!



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