City Under the Lights


By: Emily Lovasz

Our last two nights in London, part of our group went out to explore the city at night. We have been visiting sights all over the city during the day for the entire week, but we haven’t really walked around and had the chance to take in how beautiful and lively the city is at night.

file2-3On Wednesday night, myself, Bridget and Anastasia set out to the Soho area of London. This area sits close to Chinatown and is a vibrant and central spot for nightlife. Going out to some of the clubs seemed to be a lot different than at home thought. The people go out to pubs after work and get drinks with friends and they hang out for a while. A lot of the pubs even have tables or standing areas outside the door where people can stand and talk while enjoying a drink, which you don’t really see in Michigan. Another noticeable difference is that people go out a lot later than at home. But, it was very cool to see such a  neat part of the city at night.

Last night, seven of us took to the streets of London with our cameras after dinner. We walked across the Thames and had breathtaking views of Parliament and Big Ben, The London Eye and the skyline of London on the bridge.


On the other side, we ate frozen yogurt on the top of a double-decker fro-yo bus called Snog. After fro-yo, we found a garden bar with live music and once again, amazing views of The London Eye.

Our last night in London was fun and we definitely took some cool pictures on the way. I can’t wait for the rest of the trip, but I also can’t wait to return to the city to explore more during the day and at night.

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