In the Presence of Royalty

Today was my 6th day in London and just like all the others, it did not disappoint. Amongst some of the more interesting things we did was a tour of the British Parliament building. Going into it, I did not know what to expect. I have never seen any pictures of the inside, heard any history, or have learned about parliamentary procedure. I had no idea how much I was going to learn and see. The most surprising thing for me was just the history of the building. I was under the impression that the parliament operated out of a modern and functional building. Little did I know that the building was a palace and has a lot of royal history. This became apparent when we saw just how old and grand the architecture was.2018-05-31 16:12:27.520 I also had no idea that the building was going to be so influenced by Queen Victoria. When we got to the castle I was surprised to see how tight their security was, it felt like I was getting ready to board a plane. Another thing that surprised me about the experience was how in depth we got and how knowledgeable our guide was.2018-05-31 16:12:36.778 My favorite part of the tour was when our guide explained the history of the different royal elements of the castle to us. I think it was super interesting to hear how certain pieces of art were commisioned and the history behind the traditions that happen in the building and around London. Taking a tour of the castle, in my opinion, was one of the most interesting things that we have done so far. I learned so much and saw a lot of amazing things.londoneye-4

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