London is Neater Under The Lights

By Trevor Klaus

London is quite the spectacular city in normal day circumstances. However, the city itself does not reach its full potential until the sun goes down, and the lights come on. Some of the most notable landmarks the city has to offer thrive under the darkened London sky. Take for example, the entire area surrounding the London Eye.

The architecture visible from the London Eye is a sight to behold at any time of day. As the day turns to night however, the lights really bring out the details and are able to more properly exhibit the true size of the landmarks when compared to viewing them in the day. The city definitely communicates more of a vibrancy when not exposed to the lighting of the sun.


This not only extends to the landmarks of the city, but normal parts of the city itself. This here street near the river Thames in the day would pale in comparison to itself in the dark. The overhead lighting on the street really sets a mood for the street that simply just cannot be set in the daytime. It gives the street a life that it simply does not have in the day.


This is not to discount the city of London in the daytime, as it can still be stunning, as this picture below shows. Despite its natural beauty, it does leave wonder as to what it would look like at night. The vibe the street gives off is not nearly as clear in this photo in comparison to the ones taken under the dark.



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