Seeing Stars in the City

An Adventure: By Bridget Bartos

Last night after a quick rest and delicious dinner, we decided to go out for the night.

Rohan and Jacob make dinner! (Bridget Bartos)

Anastasia, Rohan, Emily and I researched areas with good nightlife. We came across Soho, which had multiple pubs and clubs for us to attend.

We took the tube to Piccadilly Circus, which is the coolest advertising screen, and the streets are full of light and energy.

The night life here is absolutely amazing. The streets were packed with people going in and out of clubs and bars. We went to two places, Club 49 and Zebrano. The music and atmosphere were electrifying.

Emily, Anastasia and I (Bridget Bartos)

We started today at the Museum of Brands. Here we time traveled through history, seeing brands from the victorian age until present day. We even got our own personal workshop, where we identified how brands changed over time and created new products and branding to continue one’s legacy.

Anastasia and I chose to design for Vicks, and we analyzed a Jack Daniel’s fudge box. (Bridget Bartos)


Up next was the tour of Parliement, which was hands down the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life. Our tour guide was full of life and history, and the rooms themselves were intricate enough to tell the tales of many years. I have never seen something so beautiful.


After our long walks through Parliment, we finally went to the Pub I have been dying to see, the Speckled Hen. It was fantastic and adorable (I love chicken themed things).


For our last night until the end of our trip, Emily, Jacob, Trevor, Courtney, Emily and I  decided to head down to the London Eye. It is defintly more impressive at night, and we got to eat at the coolest Froyo place, SNOG. We all had been dying to go, so it was a fun experience.

Tomorrow we head to Wales!




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