Living a Lavish Lifestyle?

London Apartments- By Tiara Terry

While being here in London, I have realized that I have not seen one house. People here live in apartments or flats. It is very interesting to me. It makes me wonder if London is over populated, and to accomodate all of the residents, they created tall apartments to fit more people.

London Tube- By: Tiara Terry

It seems to me that London is focused more so on thriving businesses. When you look around, people here do not have many luxuries. People walk, bike take the bus or the tube. Personal cars are almost non-existent. In some areas, people even have to pay for public restrooms such as in Covent Gardens.

It amazes me that people seven hours away from Detroit are living a completely different lifestyle. It definitely has made me appreciate the luxuries I have back at home. There is nothing like having your own mode of transportation and having a home to do as you please. We may pay higher prices, but it gives us more freedom in a sense, and I’m okay with that.

Don’t get me wrong, these sacrifices also comes with benefits. Due to public transportation, parking and traffic are at a minimum. Due to paying a pound to use the  restrooms allows for public restrooms to remain clean. These cut backs may also be a reason why wifi is freely available around London. I believe these sacrifices also allows for their town to provide more attractions. This may be a reason why these huge museums are free.

Before moving to London, there are definitely a lot of things to consider. There are many perks, but also many setbacks, especially for people who are used to having luxuries.

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