Sell Yourself!

brands museum
The Museum of Brands- By: Tiara Terry

Today we got the chance to visit a quite unusual museum. It was The Museum of Brands! Usually I am not a fan of museums because I feel that most of them offer very similar things. This was not the issue at all. This museum was actually one of a kind.

This museum showed the evolution of many brand products from cereal, to game boards to cleaning supplies. I like that Troy made this one of our classes because it was interactive and informative.

In this session, we had the opportunity to choose a product, dissect it, and then use the information to create a new branding for the product that would fit this generation. Ciara and I chose Windolene which would be similar to Windex in America.

What drew our attention to this product was the fact that the very first model of this product came in a tin can. I’ve never seen a product come in the form of a can, except for food products. It was kinda cool. It also gave you a sense of what era the product was produced in.

Windolene repackaging design- By: Tiara Terry

To make this product fit the 21st century, we decided to package Windolene in a spray bottle. It would be more efficient, user friendly and would be able to hold a higher volume of the product.

Chris Drawing By: Tiara Terry

As each group presented their designs, another group stood out to me. This team recreated a drink bottle to appeal to kids and they did an amazing job! They drew a minion on the bottle, how cool? It was a great idea and they had amazing drawing skills.

I love museums that are out of the norm. I really enjoyed this activity. I really learned the evolution of many products that I use, that were created before my time. I learned how hard and how important advertising and branding is for a product to thrive.

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