A quiet but lively city

After 3 hours-trip on the train, we finally arrived at the second destination of our trip, the Cardiff. Cardiff is the capital and also the Largest city in Wales. Someone may not hear many stories about this country, because this place is honestly not as famous as Scotland and Ireland. Everyone knows the story of William Wallace and that famous film, Brave Heart. As for Wales, there is a joke about how England control Wales. England’s army just knocked on the door of Cardiff castle and asked they come to conquer this place. Then Wales opens the door. Since there was even no flighting or war during this history, which means no exciting story we want to hear. And when I asked some of my friends in the UK about any place is worth to explore in Wales they all tell me no.

So is Cardiff as dull as my friend tell me? I don’t agree with it. When John and I walk through the city in the morning, he said to me this place reminds him of the feeling of Michigan, which I think is similar to Grand Rapid. They are both lively enough but not so noisy. This city is not significant, but you can easily find a quiet cafe, enjoy a cup of tea for the whole afternoon and watch the pretty girl passed through the street.


The sea bank is worth to visit. It has been a long time that I don’t see such a beautiful sea since I visit Seattle. Cardiff is famous for rain a lot, but it is lucky to have sunshine all these days. It is a right place for someone bring a cup of tea or coffee, sitting on the river bank, put on your headphone, enjoy some music and read a book for the whole day. Once you get tired of reading, you can put off the headphone, close your eyes and feel the wind and smell of the sea. That will be a beautiful day.

The only terrible is the room we live in is wet and has a horrible smell. Well, since the price is low and we stay for five days, I will try to accept.



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