A Wrong Turn Lead To The Right Adventure

On Saturday, June 2nd. A group of nine students left our hotel in Cardiff with one goal in mind, walk to the waterfront. We were told it was a simple task, only one mile of walking. We would arrive in an easy 20 minutes to a beautiful view. We assumed the directions would be simple and easy to navigate. We knew we had to start by walking under the train bridge but we were not certain of the next steps to take. It would have been smart to look at a map because then we would have known not to turn right, but nonetheless, we did. It was here where we made our critical mistake, we crossed the river. penarth-1.jpgAfter this our fate was set, we were going to walk far more than we needed to. This became apparent after walking about 30 mins with no bay in sight. Regardless, we persisted and continued to walk. After passing swimming centers, marina’s, a sailboat race, turning around a couple times, and even making a grocery run we finally made it to the locks that we had to cross to get to the festival. At this point, we had walked about 5 miles in the heat and were all exhausted. We all explored the festival for about 30 minutes and then most of the group decided to walk back. However, Emily and I felt that we had walked too far to only stay for a short period of time and not explore more. On the way, before crossing the bay we passed a beautiful town on a cliff by the name of Penarth.penarth-4.jpg We decided to climb up to the town explore a bit grab a bite to eat and then head back. The hike up was intimidating but not as difficult as we expected, and the view was 100% worth it. penarth-2.jpgWe walked around town and found all sorts of cute things and were overall very impressed by how quaint and nice it was. We wondered upon this mini VW bus and I just had to grab a shot. penarth-3.jpgAfter walking around for a bit we came across the Magic Wok , a hole-in-the-wall Chinese takeout restaurant, and we decided to order some items from their extensive menu and took it to the park to enjoy. The food was affordable and surprisingly delicious, and having a peaceful meal in the town park made our experience that much better. After food, we continued to explore for a bit and then made our way down the hill, back through the festival, and on our way home. We got to experience sunset on the water and along the way made it to our initial planned destination. Upon arrival, Emily got some ice cream and together we relaxed on the docks and watched the sun go down as we reflected on our adventure. We had walked 16 miles, in our flip-flops. Our feet were sore but we had no regrets

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