Best Food In Cardiff! ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE!

By Trevor Klaus

When traveling to any new city, I always find myself asking what local eats can I indulge myself in to help feel one with the city. Usually, it takes some scouting around the city to find options to weigh up before sitting down for the all so crucial meal. Not in Cardiff though. No. While there are plenty of great restaurants scattered around Cardiff. believe me when I tell you there is only one option for a truly unforgettable meal, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Ryan, Chris, and myself were immediately taken back at the shear beauty of this magnificent eating establishment. It was like instantly being transported back home, almost as if we were sitting down to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal with close family and friends in a place full of American sports memorabilia. This to me is the epitome. Not only of food, but almost existence itself. We knew every other customer in the restaurant felt the same. No other local joint even came remotely close to this synagogue of savory delights. The restaurant under the spotlight of course the only place worthy of such a feast: TGI Fridays.

They got a tower for appetizers! Name another restaurant that does that! Oh wait, YOU CAN’T!!!


There is simply nothing bad any person can ever say about TGI Fridays. From the friendly atmosphere, very reasonable prices, and predictable yet always delectable menu, why would anyone ever want to eat anywhere else? I mean, come on, just look at these appetizers! Mozzarella sticks, nachos, potato skins! Where else could one find such a succulent selection of prized foods? And don’t get me started on the wings. Oh boy are they good. TGI Fridays is of course the only place in town with the Jack Daniel’s sauce, and let me tell you, it sure does shine through on those wings. The food here is honestly so good, that every animal slaughtered for meat wishes their meat ends up in this kitchen.

The food was so good that I ate it and enjoyed it. As the Globglogabgalab would say, “Splendid! Simply Delicious!”

And we haven’t even gotten to the drinks yet. Good lord almighty, the drinks were nothing short of spectacular. The milkshakes ordered by Chris and Ryan were sure to bring all the boys to the yard, however, Chris and Ryan could definitely say that their milkshakes were better than anyone else’s. And then there was my mixed drink. The Purple Reign. I knew little of the drinks mystical powers upon ordering, but man oh man would I soon discover them. I took one sip of this Prince themed drink and instantly started to feel it. I knew as I kept going through the drink, the transformation would be complete. I was becoming Prince himself. Sure enough, after quenching the luscious liquid, I was up on the tables in dressed in glitter with a full perm belting I Wanna Be Your Lover. The experience is unlike anything I’d experienced previously.

Overall, there is no excuse not to go to this TGI Fridays. Magical things often happen in restaurants like this, and frankly it is quite stupid to miss out on this. A wonderful time for the whole family.

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