Eating Good

Eating Good -Anastasia Niforos

2018-06-04 12:45:23.161

Cardiff has been treating me extremely well. I have walked an average of 5 miles a day, experienced the fun and vibrant nightlife, and have eaten all sorts of delicious food. Speaking of food, today I was able to experience a mouthful of exotic tastes. I ate at Viva Brazil, which is a Brazilian steakhouse located just a 10-second walk from my hotel. It reminded me a lot of Fogo de Chão, just a different name.

Right as I walked in and sat down my mouth instantly started to salivate. My eyes would go from looking at the salad bar to the waiters carrying around meat. I couldn’t wait to dive into all that this place had to offer. As I sat at the table waiting for the waitress to take our drink orders I noticed a circular card that was green on one side and red on the other. On the green side, it said, “YES PLEASE!” and on the red said it said, “NO THANKS!” This card basically signified whether you wanted to be served or not.

After our drink order was taken we all ran over to the salad bar and grabbed a variety. I went with potatoes, fries, rice and beans and a piece of bread. I didn’t want to grab too much because I was saving for all the different meats to come around. I was so hungry I devoured everything on my plate.

Then the meat started to come around and my face lit up. Waiters surrounded our table with giants skewers and I was overwhelmed with joy. I ended up eating sausage, pork, steak, and chicken. Each was seasoned and tasted different than the other. I was in heaven and ate so much I couldn’t move.

I was able to experience two things I have never done. Firstly, I ate pineapple seasoned with cinnamon and it surprisingly very delicious. I have never been a huge fan of pineapple but the cinnamon added a spicy tang. Secondly, I ate a chickens heart for the first time. It honestly didn’t taste that bad, it was just very chewy. I didn’t enjoy the texture, but I’m happy I at least tried it. Overall, the steakhouse was an absolute treat and I probably won’t be hungry until tomorrow.

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