Elegance, Class, and Sophistication

By: Ryan Gilbert

Cuisine in the U.K has a rather bland reputation, known for its bizarre meat pies, battered meats, and other concoctions with a rather boring flavor and texture. However, I believe we have found a true diamond in the rough on this trip. In Cardiff, hiding amongst all the mundane and predictable restaurants, lies one of the most diverse eating establishments in the whole country.

TGI Friday’s does it right. This beacon of gastronomy can satisfy any hunger a person can have. And not just physical hunger, but with its upbeat atmosphere and friendly staff it is sure to satisfy any emotional hunger someone may have as well. As my mates and I stepped in the front door we immediately knew we were about to experience something truly special, and started preparing ourselves for the occasion. The hostess called our name and led us to the corner booth, a true honor indeed, and we proceeded to look at the menu. We were absolutely overwhelmed with all the local delicacies they offered. We’re talking mozzarella sticks, we’re talking potato skins, we’re talking nachos. Anything we fancied could be provided for us and we intended to take full advantage of the opportunity.

We decided we were in the mood for a Tapas Style meal and TGI Friday’s was happy to accommodate. They suggested the “Times Square Big Share” and also recommended some drinks that, in my personal opinion, paired perfectly. I knew the “Chocolicious Shake” that came before my meal would complement the Jack Daniels Sauced wings beautifully. We felt so immersed in the Cardiff Culture already and our food hadn’t even come yet.

TGI Milkshake


As the tower of food approached our table we looked at one another with smiles and confidence in our decision to get ‘out of our comfort zone’ for dinner that night. And much like any good meal, the minutes that followed were enjoyed in silence. Taste, aroma, and appearance all merged together in a graceful yet powerful performance as flavor danced along our taste buds. It was truly a meal to be remembered.

TGI Tower.jpg

As our meal came to an end we were melancholy and filled with disappointment that we had to leave that place that brought us together so closely. But we are all so thankful for this once in a lifetime experience.

TGI .jpeg

If only there was something like TGI Friday’s in America.

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