Small Town, Live City


We got to Cardiff, Whale, Friday and it has been an experience! Unlike London, the city isn’t as busy and is much smaller. The people here are friendly, LIVE and the city is filled with breakfast spots and plenty of nightlife to last for weeks. There’s so much food around me, I get lost in decisions. So far the best decision I made was having ice-cream from The Gelato Spot, it was soooo delicious. I had the Lemon sorbet and was able to sample so many more including Mango, Birthday Cake, Strawberry with syrup, it was so many options and I was felt like a kid that hit the jack-pot.



The ice-cream was so rich in flavor and not like anything at home. I also got to visit Cardiff Castle, ahhhh it was a beautiful experience. The Castle was filled with so much history, war-wounds and design. We had a chance to take a tour around the Castle, the huge mansion and the Wartime Shelter. The building was filled with great architecture, furniture and books from over hundreds and I mean literally HUNDREDS of years ago. To get a chance to experience what it was like to live in those times, created a real-life imagination for me. We were walking the walls where people hid for days for shelter and fought for their lives. I was able to look out of some of there windows used for shooting and killing enemies, walk stairs where people were slashes and touch books that Lord Bute read.

IMG_4915.JPG Climbing to the top of the Castle was an experience. The stairs were so steep and made to hold with the left hand so that you could slash your enemy with your right. The cracks in the building were there to shoot and aim. I imagine I would have been a great team player because I fit perfectly in the cracks of the buildings. IMG_4913.JPG

Cardiff is rich with history, historic building and great gardens.

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