The Journalists Play Their Own Rules

After taking 2 hours train, we arrived at Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Unlike London, where is noisy and crowed. Cardiff is the town that is quite and peaceful near the sea. But that was just my first impression. The fact is, people in here are energetic just like people in London. We lived in downtown Cardiff and spent the weekend, and I’ve already saw people gathering around the puds dancing and shouting during the night. Perhaps that is what I called “cultural shock”.

The Cultural Shock

However, on the Monday morning, everything backs to normal. People walk in hurry to go to work, and the pubs are all closed. I guess every city has it’s two different sides, and I was fortunate to see them both in a short time period. IMG_0023.jpg

Today we were pleased to ask Mr.  Anthony (Tony) O’Shaugnessey as our guest speaker for today in University of Cardiff. In his lecture I understand how did journalist in UK work and their differences from the media workers in US. Since Mr. O’Shaugnessey’s major in collage was politics, he introduced how does media works in UK with politics for the most of time. I think the most interesting part is that in UK, newspapers usually have strong political tendency. Some of newspaper are support right and others might support left. On the other hand, the broadcast field, the media organizations are trying to keep as neutral as possible. I believe that is a difference with US media organizations since during the 2016 elections, most of TV station had strong tendency to Hillary Clinton. 

During the class I also asked question about the relationship between British government and Media organizations in UK, and I got some interesting facts about that. According to Mr. O’Shaugnessey, the UK government is always trying to control the media, the politicians set up different rules or bans for certain topic, but they were hard to stop the journalists to report it. For example, Margaret Thatcher was banning any voice from Northern Irish Independence Movement Leaders. Therefor, the BBC team interviewed them but cut their voice but haired voice actors to dubbing the information again. By this we could see that in UK, the journalists play their own rules.

Beautiful campus in University of Cardiff

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