While walking through Europe one thing has been made abundantly clear, the cars are different. I am not talking about the obvious features, like it has the European plate, they drive on the right side of the car, or how the majority of the cars are stick shift. What I am talking about is car models we don’t have.

The biggest example of this happened on the Tower Bridge. As we are walking across the bridge I notice a white pickup drive by the opposite direction. I first found it odd seeing a pick-up in the middle of London. Pickups don’t seem like the ideal urban car in my opinion. Upon closer look though I realized it had the huge VW on the back. I knew that VW made trucks, but it is still surprising how people in the UK have it while we don’t. The truck was a Volkswagen Amarok, a car similar to the pickups made by Nissan and can be found in the States.

Another car that I noticed today, it was also a Volkswagen. This mysterious little van shown in the featured image was a Sharan. It is almost like if you took a Chrysler Caravan and made it a little bit smaller and reduce some trunk space. This is one of those cars that has not been sold in the United States.

I am not sure why I find this stuff so fascinating but it is incredible how companies produce cars for different markets. I think I once heard that VW was not going to try to sell trucks in the US (recently they announced they would, but prior to that) because of the competition. That being the major players like Ford, Chevy, Ram, and some Asian car manufacturers. At the auto show they said they were going to do it, and bring it to the American public. So just like how VW made the truck fit the needs of those in the UK, they are retrofitting it for people in the States.

Looks like the dude from Telly Tubies, if you know you know.
Have you ever wanted to purposefully get food poisoning?

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